Friday, October 8, 2010

Where's my money, bitch?!

This month is going to be super-expensive, I was lucky to get more pay than usual last month, and also some money from CSN (it's like a salary you get if you study), but I'm almost broke all ready! All the good restaurants will be closing next month, so we have to make all our restaurant-meals this month, it sucks! I really notice that I'm here off season, because most people are Greek (or Cyprotic... Cypriotan? haha!) and not so many British people as last year.

Today we went to the bank in order to open a bank account in Cyprus, which cost about 20€, I also had to get a new phone card for 25€. It's always some small thing you have to have and in the end it adds up to a lot! Yesterday we went to the supermarket and bought no food, but just things that the apartment needed for like 70€.

I'm sorry to bother you with my boring rants about my economy :(


  1. No problem. It is good to talk about things that are affecting you. Sometimes down and sometimes up. :-)