Monday, October 18, 2010

Party Night

 We went up to old town during the day to open up Cypriotic bank accounts, I really liked this view!

 We were going out later that night and I was wearing my pretty ice cream-dress en light yellow ballerina flats
 When we arrived at bar street we met up with some friends in a club called "Tropical", they had ordered in a very large beer keg in the shape of boobies ^___^
I wanted to get a picture of my drink, and of course Christoffer from my work had to lean in and ruin it ^__^
 My baby sings Tenacious D and makes the entire bar happy!
  I took a picture with the bartender at the karaoke bar we usually go to, called "Boogie's", she remembered Seb from last year which I think was pretty cool!
 I sang karaoke, Journey - Don't Stop Believing, it was really awesome because I got really cheered on and the entire bar sang along :)
And Seb sang again as well, but I can't remember the song.

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