Sunday, October 31, 2010


My first, casual outfit on Friday. It's really simple but I like it. The top I'm wearing is actually a dress/tunic, but it's too short to wear by itself. I'm thinking that maybe I should re-do it to look like it does here (I had it tucked in to my skirt). Anyways, the dress is from Japan and I don't think it's any particular brand, the rest is from H&M/H&M Kids.
This may very well be the best meal I've ever had! Those potato wedges are just amazing, but I guess that's what you get when you deep-fry stuff, am I right? I always try to practice portion control, but I had a hard time this time.
I didn't quite capture it on picture, but the sea was going crazy when we were down at the harbor. The waves were huge!
I went to the pharmacy and bought solution for lenses, as well as eye drops. My eyes get really dry here, I'm not sure why. I also learned that pharmacy is the place to go if you're looking for fake lashes. They had really cute ones by Paris Hilton! I didn't buy any this time, but at least now I know where to find them ^_^
We went to the hair salon and I finally bought decent hair spray from Tigi. I love how this smells! It has a very sweet, tropical scent, so lovely ^_^ Also, both me and Seb booked time for hair cuts this Friday. Haha, sounds so pathetic to cut your hair together!
I bought a face scrub from Body Shop. I have gotten pretty bad skin recently, I think it's because the air here is more dirty and polluted than I'm used to.
I bought a writing book for all my homework, with a Disney Princesses-print! I mean, it's no Hello Kitty, but it's okay I guess. At least it's better than boring grown-up blue, makes me so sad :(
I bought a hand sanitizer, I need it for putting in and taking out lenses later because it's very important not to get any dirt in your eyes. Maybe I should become one of those people who cleans their hands all the time and have a light case of OCD? ^_^

Friday night face-look and hair, I actually had really nice curls this night, but I always have a hard time capturing my hairdos on picture.
And my outfit for the evening, I feel like I wore the exact same coords not too long ago? Oh well, I only have so much clothes with me, what's a girl to do?
 We went out to the Japanese restaurant "Sakura", it was really nice and fancy, I love places like that! You know, when they pull out the chair for you and put napkins in your lap ^_^ Finally I'm getting treated like the princess I am, haha! We just had a few pieces of sushi as a starter, 'cause we wanted to try out some of the hot meals instead. The sushi was very good, so we're definitely going back there to eat sushi again! I'm so sad though, because they don't have sushi like fast food (=cheap!) like we do in Sweden :(
 I had halibut with some kind of wasabi sauce, it was really good! I really liked it too, because they didn't have too big portions. I felt kind of bad for Seb, though, because he likes to eat A LOT!
 When we got home we had some ice cream for dessert.
And we watched one of the movies we'd rented earlier, called "Get him to the Greek" starring Jonah Hill and Russel Brand. It was a really funny movie, I really like these kind of movies, even though they're constantly re-using the same actors ^_^ But my favourite comedy films are the ones starring Will Ferrel, he's too funny :D

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