Monday, October 25, 2010


I feel as though my blog is really boring right now, or ... most of the time X__X I wish I would update my Coord's more often, because I want my blog to be more fashion-oriented. It's just that I don't dress very nice at all right now, and I feel like I've "used up" all the possible Coords that I can do with what I have. But I will buy some new accessories soon, hoping it will make the wardrobe I have more interesting!

Anyways, I found this super-cute online store yesterday, and I thought I could post about what kind of clothes I would like to have the most right now.
 This is so cute! I really want this because it's something that I can't find in Sweden, and because it's kind of like "new and exciting". I'd feel brave wearing this with confidence, because there's a big chance I would look really childish in something like this.
 I absolutely love this style! It's really simple, but has some cute details (like the fringe) that makes it unique and stand out, I love stuff like that. I also love this way of coordinating; bare legs with tan boots, so beautiful!
Aaaw, these are the cutest! And I love it because it's not to pricey, and you get both the jacket and the skirt. It would've been so cute doing a twin-coord like this, don't you think? ^_^

I really like this site, however, I'm not sure if they actually sell authentic Japanese brands, but I still really like the designs! As you may have guessed I'm in love with the style of the brand Liz Lisa, but am having trouble finding suitable clothes in Sweden (and this is why I don't dress that way myself). I will definitely place an order in the future ^_^


  1. Söta skorts hängle sak xD


  2. visst? :D Det heter hängselbyxor på svenska :P men jag vet inte vad det heter på engelska ;____;