Monday, October 18, 2010

Coord + Chinese Food

Sunday the 10th was our first day at work (we work Sunday-Thursday down here).

 This was what I wore the first day at work (why do I necessarily have to have NO waist?! >.<). Since I used very dull colours for my outfit, I tried to make it more fun with some colorful accessories. 

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M Kids
Bag: Topshop
Jewelry: Topshop, Jet Set, BikBok, Sanrio
Sandals: DinSko
 When we got home from work to get me a jacket, I also added a colourful scarf as a belt, and I really like how it turned out, it's fun to see that adding such a small detail really can lift an outfit! I'm going to have to use these kind of tricks (like using scarfs as belts ;)) when I'm here, as my wardrobe is very much incomplete.
After work we went to a really fancy Chinese restaurants, the interior were all white and very modern, I'm sorry that I didn't take any pictures, because it was a really beautiful place. I don't want to disturb people while they're eating, I guess. The food was delicious as well, probably the best Chinese food I've ever had, I felt like it was because the quality of the food was just better than most places. 
What I really liked was that this restaurant was not expensive at all, I think we payed like 30€ for both our meals!

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