Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm a deformed monster

I got cracks in two of my nails and had to perform and execution on all of them >.< I hate myself right now, I've been self-conscious of my appearance all week, and the only thing with me not letting myself down has been my gorgeous, super-long nails. Now I have nothing. Now I'm just a fat piece of blob with crappy hair and no sense of style. MEEEEEEEEEH I don't waaaaant to >.<
*overwhelmed with sadness and depression*


  1. Naaaw, keep on fighting! You're not fat and you do have sens of style! You just need to keep practicing! Everyone does!
    *Sending some love to Cyprus*

  2. You're a wonderful blogger. I've read your blog a while now and I think you're unique in many ways!
    You gave me a craving for sweet and sour sauce, by writing about it haha. But I don't know where to get a good one.. Maybe in an asian store.. Bcs I've heard that the ones in regular supermarkets aren't so good

  3. You do have a sense of style. You're not fat and nooot a monster. You rock

  4. Becci: Aaw, thanks sweetie *sends some love back to Sweden* I feel better now though, I just kind of felt like an amputee there for a bit :P

    Nikki: Aaw, thank you, that really makes me happy ^_^ More sweet 'n' sour sauce for the people!! Yeah, I should check the asia market I guess ^_^