Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Coords

 I drew my eyeliner more towards my nose today, I really like that look, the reason I don't do it too often is because I feel as though it get smudged out too easily.
 I know this isn't a good picture, I just wanted to show off my hair properly. I just wanted some volume, but I don't think this hair style goes with my clothes, it's too "made", I need more natural hair to go with my boho-chic style.
This is one of my favourite dresses, I love how it looks and its details, but I hate how it behaves! Every time I wear this I'm bound to show of something, either it's my bra or my butt X___X

Dress: Free People
Scarf: Accessorize
Bag: Topshop
Earrings: H&M
Sandals: DinSko


  1. your hair looks really good with the rest of your look, because it's wavy! :)
    (ett sånt hippie-hårsnöre, vad de nu heter haha, skulle passa fint till looken btw!)

  2. haha maybe, thank you!
    Jag tänkte ha något sånt, men det jag har är så tjockt så det såg inget fint ut, ska försöka leta reda på lite schyssta hår-accessoarer ^_^