Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy, Healthy!!

I feel like I've improved myself a lot since I came here! I've all ready gotten a tan, and I feel a bit thinner from swimming every morning. Usually when I tan I lay in the sun for AT LEAST two hours, drenched in Hawaiian Tropic's tanning oil, but now I just spend that 30 minutes in the pool and after that another 30 minutes drying off on a sun bed. Much better for my skin, next year I will have to start using SPF though, botox can't solve all my problems.

I love the new make-up I've bought, I'm so psyched to show it to you as soon as I get my USB-cabel. I feel like I've gotten a nice make-up routine pinned down, and I'm no longer "scared" of using heavy eye make-up when it's hot and humid. I haven't found any nice falsies here, so I think I'm gonna ask my mum to buy some for me.

My hair is a different story, we're very low on cash at the moment, so low that I don't even feel like I can afford decent hair spray and a comb. I'm gonna get it as soon as I get my pay check, but for now I just tease it with a brush (and watch it come down 2 minutes later >.<). I've heard that what kind of comb you use has quite an impact, what kind would you recommend? Am I suppose to get a steel one, or what? I would be grateful for some tips!



  1. Åhh jag hade också velat ligga o sola!! O bada! nu blev jag väldans avundsjuk här ;)


  2. haha ja, jag förstår det, det är jätteskönt :D Du får kompensera med simhall och solarium ;)


  3. i use a "teasing comb", it's soooo much better than regular combs. not sure where you can get them~ i got mine from kicks, i think...!

  4. Okey, men jag tänker typ, är det bäst att ha en gles-eller tättandad, om du fattar vad jag menar? :P Och är den i plast? ^

  5. min är tättandad! och den har lite olika längd på tänderna, eller hur man säger. två olika längder, varannan tand ungefär~ och den är i plast! ^^

  6. Aha okey, tack, då vet jag vad jag ska leta efter ^_^